After the 10 winery "co-op" tasting room, where Michaud Vineyard had a counter, closed, I began earnestly looking for a new location. As many of our Wine Club Members and Mailing List Customers live in the San Francisco Bay Area, it made sense to look there.

Michael Martella (pictured on right), a long time friend and Winemaker for his own brand - Martella Wines as well as Winemaker for Thomas Fogarty Winery, mentioned that he had found a small space for a tasting room in the village of Saratoga. He was open to sharing the space and we began a 9 month process of research, negotiation, planning, permitting and finally construction. We passed our final inspections Friday, the 13th of July. We opened the door on Bastille Day July 14th, Vive la France!